Monday, January 5, 2009

The Blog Voice

After reading my first post, my boyfriend, Jeff, told me that the writing was slightly hokey. OK. I confess that I usually don't say "magical" and "mysterious" in everyday conversation.

The thing is, most food blogs have their own unique voice. For some, it's writing with an attitude, or with curiosity, or with grace. Now that I have my own blog, I wonder at how they do it. How do you find a voice that is you, but still interesting? My tendency is to be straight-forward, a voice that isn't exactly attention-grabbing. Either I'm not cut out for blogging or I need to find a fascinating part of myself to exaggerate in my writing. Anyway, I promise not to use words like "magical" to ever describe food, but I will try to spice up my writing so no one tunes out while I'm explaining chemical bonds and browning. (Oh, just you wait. The chemistry posts are coming).

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